Who should take Honest Green Coffee?

Though it is recommended that everyone does a colon cleansing at one point or another as regardless how healthy their diet is today even the healthiest food is contaminated with toxins, not to mention the water we drink and the air we breathe. However, if you have unexplained gas, bloating, constipation, bad skin, sluggish digestion, allergy flare-ups, or in general have low energy, get sick often, or feel fatigue a cleanse may be in order.

These are all symptoms of a clogged or inflamed colon that could be leaking harmful toxins into your blood stream and your body. This is all triggered by poor diet, food allergies, drugs, stress, antibiotics, Candida (yeast), fatty acid deficiencies, and much more. If you have a clogged or inflamed colon it can trigger a horrid cycle of health problems that is incredibly difficult to get out of.

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