Tips For Buying Designer Swimsuits

Woman wearing a one-piece designer swimsuit

One-piece esigner swimsuits can make you feel like a million bucks, but finding one that’s perfect for your style and budget can be a challenge. There’s a plethora of options out there and picking the right one can be overwhelming. So what should you do when you’re looking to find one-piece designer swimsuits that perfectly flatter your body? Read our tips below! Our helpful guide will make shopping for summer so much simpler. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you go shopping.


How well does it fit?

Rule number one when shopping for one-piece designer swimsuits is to find the right fit. That means trying them on before you buy! It’s impossible to know how something is going to look on your body until you put it on. Everyone’s body is unique, we all come in different shapes and sizes so it’s recommended that you always try on your designer swimsuits before committing to purchase – remember, many stores won’t accept returns on swimwear due to hygiene concerns, so make sure you’re happy before you hand over your hard-earned cash!

When trying to find the right fit you should make sure you choose one-piece designer swimsuits that are nice and snug on your body, but not overly tight. Your swimwear expands a bit in the water so it will feel looser once you’re wet – for this reason, it’s also important not to choose anything that is too large as it will drag down when you’re in the water and could lead to some embarrassing incidents on the beach. If you’re worried about getting the fit right or think that your weight will fluctuate over the summer, then it’s a good idea to opt for a string bikini. A great tip is to consider purchasing two-piece instead, where you can buy tops and bottoms separately so you get the best fit in every area.


Confidence and comfort

Pretty woman in the beach wearing a one-piece designer swimsuit

Another very important factor in purchasing one-piece designer swimsuits is deciding what you feel confident and comfortable in. This will be different for different people. Some people will feel awesome in an itty-bitty thong bikini, whilst others might feel more at home in a vintage silhouette. Trends come and go when it comes to swimwear, so don’t pay them too much mind. Fuller styles might be in one year but the next it might be all about micro bikini’s – that’s less important that finding the styles that you personally prefer. Designer swimsuits can be an investment so it’s important that you find something you feel confident and beautiful in. It’s also worth keeping in mind what you’re planning on doing in your bathers as they’ll need to be functional. Are you planning on simply lounging around by the pool? Or will you be getting out in the surf and doing water sports? More physical activities call for more support and protection so you might want to look for designs that have thicker straps or even sleeves and sun protection.


Quality and price tag

How much will your bather set you back? Is the quality worth the price tag? Certain brands have a great reputation for quality and don’t always come at a high price whilst others may charge a hefty price but not have the quality to back it up. Before you make a decision to purchase your new bathers check out the care instructions and look over the quality of the fabric and detailing to make sure that it’s not going to fall apart after the first wear. It’s also a good idea to check out the reviews of the brand you’re buying from.

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