Is Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract the One?

It’s funny that they even call it Honest Green Coffee since from the looks of the ingredients it is not recommended to take it on a regular basis and certainly no longer than 2 weeks. Their auto ship program and the fact that they send 30 day supply makes it look as if the product is safe to take for long periods of time. This worries me and I feel that more people should know and research ingredients before ordering a product. I did not order this supplement, though perhaps if they had a money back guarantee rather than these stupid trials and auto-ship programs I may have considered trying it for the sake of the review. Unfortunately I refuse to give my credit card out to scam looking websites like this. I did try and call them to see if they have a money back guarantee but no one answered both times I tried, with further discouraged me.

What Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract is

Upon entering the official website I actually didn’t see anything all that different from the rest of the websites I’ve visited recently. It offers a number of benefits such as boost in energy and vitality all the while purifying your system and cleansing you of toxins. Basically all other supplements offer the same the question is if it really is effective.

What they claim is that the highly cleansing and detox formula of Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract consists of a variety of beneficial fibers and minerals that help heal, smooth, and flush your colon. It offers fast and effective digesting all the while helping you get that flat stomach you’ve been dreaming about.

In addition to this you will experience an incredible boost in energy and of course the bloating and gas will disappear. Many people don’t realize that some of their health problems are directly connected to the toxins in their colon.

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