Author’s Recommendation

Do I Recommend Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract?

I actually don’t think anyone should believe all reviews in full and should do their own research. Perhaps what I found to be unsafe for me could be ok for someone else. With that said, make sure you check out as much information and feedback on the product, or any product for that matter, before you order. I was unhappy with two points, the ingredients and their auto ship program. Perhaps it would have been a good product to try out for a short period of time however I am afraid to get caught up in a membership with any website. I would proceed with caution and be very careful when ordering from the official Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract website as it seems like a scam, but don’t take my word for it and do the research.

I’ve read plenty about cleanses and when I saw the ad for Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract I thought I’d check it out. It was several months ago that I looked into some of my symptoms of upset stomach and constipation that I found out that a cleanse could help me get over them if it is a quality product. I didn’t realize how many products there were though and how many of them were scams. After the first 4-5 that caught my eye I decided to do some reviews on the ones that followed because I was in awe at how some were complete scams and people were buying in on it. I still have yet to find a quality product that has quality effective ingredients sold by a trusted company that isn’t out to get you for every penny you’ve got without giving you anything in return.